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Custom Hand blown glass tubing the bee pipe, a combination of art and science of solid glass and heavy wall glass tubing to create a beautiful bee pipe, with smooth finish, design to hold the pipe in an easy comfortable form, it can be fumed with a combination of colors, The bee pipe is blown with a mouth piece, burn urn and a carb on the side.

glass bumblebee pipe

Fumed with blue metal. $85.00 Buy Now
Fumed with cranberry metal. $85.00 Buy Now
Fumed with black metal. $85.00 Buy Now
Fumed with a combination of colors. $110.00 Buy Now
Fumed like the picture with gold. $160.00 Buy Now
Fumed like the picture with no gold. $115.00 Buy Now
3 1/2 " long 4 " tall 2 " wide

Order by check or money order. Send a check or money order to 124 Albatross Pl.. El Cajon, CA 92021. After I receive your check or money order by mail I will process your order immediately. Make sure to send a note specifying the code number and fumed metal you would like. Contact me 619-588-6174.

Shipping and handling is already included. "What you see is what you pay"

Code # Honey Bee pipe 92-3681